EMcubate is Ireland’s first ethnic-minority business incubation programme.  It is aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in Ireland who were originally from elsewhere and who wish to start or develop their business.  It is a programme originated by Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership (BWAP), New Communities Partnership (NCP) and supported by the Integration Office of Dublin City Council (DCC).

EMcubate commenced in January 2012 and its hub is located in the Ballymun Whitehall Enterprise Centre.  It aims at leveraging existing resources to support existing and potential clients, create new business ventures and jobs.

Emcubate has just completed running a 7 evening ‘Write Your Own Business Plan’ programme delivered by Germaine & Associates and run in the Ballymun Whutehall Enterprise Centre.  22 nascent ethnic-minority entrepreneurs participated in the programme with a number confirming that will now set up their own business.  This was a highly successful course and EMcubate is interested in hearing from other people from an ethnic-minority background inIrelandwho are interested in setting up their own business.


If you are interested please fill in the Expression of Interest Form and return it to our postal address (see Contact us page) or to either Fiona@ballymun.org or Reginald@newcommunities.ie.


For more information on the EMcubate programme contact:

Fiona Descoteaux, Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership, fiona@ballymun.org, ph. 01-842 3612

Reginald Oko-Flex Inya, New Communities Partnership, reginald@newcommunities.ie, ph. 01-671 3639